Betting Strategies – Part 2

We are professional footballer observers as a team of 4 people who have been in football for years. We find young and talented footballers and recommend them to our football teams. So far we have discovered hundreds of talented and famous footballers in various parts of the world. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to disclose the names of these footballers due to copyright and agreements. Our team, which was 4 people in the first stage, became a company after many years and Scout Mobile Tech. We established the company. Now our team of 4 people now consists of a very large team. We also have representatives in England, France, Spain, Turkey, Kenya and Nigeria. Our team, working in these countries, is working everyday to discover young talents in these countries. Our team includes former footballers, renowned tipsters, retired professional technical managers.

Football is our lifestyle. As a professional, we have always won a lot by betting as well as a talent hunter. Now we want everyone to benefit from these gains. Since 2016, we have only shared tips on betting to our private customers. Starting in 2017, we started offering our worldwide betting tips with our FREE and VIP applications on Google android market. Soon we will start offering betting tips within IOS users. We are always honest, we never fooled people. That’s why we always have confidence and we continue to win.

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